An Inexpensive Sacrificial Layer For Your Glass

Exterior-applied clear anti-graffiti film saves your glass, and saves you money.

Benefits of 3M™
Anti-Graffiti Film

  • Clear, rugged, 4 and 6-mil films designed to withstand the elements, scratching, etching or spray-painting

  • Custom multi-layered products allow for peeling back and are used in especially high-traffic areas

  • Helps hold broken glass together after impact

  • Block 99% of the harmful UV rays from your glass

  • Replace the film, not the glass, and save money

Core Products:

When you see a building with graffiti or scratches on the window, what do you immediately think about that building or part of town? Your store is your livelihood. Do not let future customers have that opinion about your business. Protect your windows with 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film so that signs of vandalism can be removed quickly, which can help you maintain your valued reputation.

Events and seasonal tourism give you a limited-time opportunity to significantly increase sales for your business. Vandalism occurring during peak sales opportunities not only damages your image but may deter limited-time customers from giving your store a chance. Glass replacement would be costly and more disruptive, while 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film can be removed and replaced quickly, and without the need to remove your windows.

Frequently Asked

Where are Anti-Graffiti films used?

These products are used in high-traffic areas, where passersby may scratch, key, etch, spray-paint or damage exterior glazing.  Retail stores, subway stations, banks and busy corners are common customers.

What do Anti-Graffiti Films look like?

Anti-Graffiti films are optically clear, so that neither you nor your customer will notice.

How long are these films warrantied?

Anti-Graffiti films are warrantied for 7-10 years commercially.

What is the removal and re-installation process?

Give us a call, our certified installers have the tools and experience to remove the film, and reinstall at your convenience.

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