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Safety and Security Window Films were developed in response to acts of terrorism in Ireland decades ago.  While the products have evolved, the fundamental logic is unchanged; thick safety and security window films form a protective layer on the inside of glass, helping to hold broken glass together in the event of impact from explosions, hurricanes, windstorms, break-ins or forcible entry.

Most of our security window film work is 8 or 14-mil clear security window film which installs on the interior of existing glass, by our team of experienced and certified installers.  As film dries, we apply varying types  of "attachment systems", also known as wet glaze or caulking, to help hold the window, film and frame together upon impact.

Layr installs 3M and Armoured One Security Window Films, and has serviced thousands of residential and commercial clients across the Northeast.  Any client seeking an added level of protection can benefit; most security window film requests come through schools, houses of worship, storefronts protecting from smash and grabs, hurricane-prone areas.

Multiple layers of protection

Most security window films are 6, 8 and 14 mils in thickness, although the specific product used will depend on a client's desired level of security, budget, aesthetic preferences and other factors.

Security window films are not bullet-resistant; they are designed to improve shatter-resistance and hold a building envelope together during impact.  Some films are rated as UL-972 Burglary-Resistant Glazing Material, and are rated as "limited hazard" by the GSA's TS-2001 Bomb Blast Test.

Most security window films are clear and virtually invisible, however, there are some specialty products which combine sun control, daytime privacy and even opaque frosting.  See the below videos, give us a call or drop us a line to learn more.

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